Jakarta is the capital city of the Republic of Indonesia.

As the capital city, Jakarta is a melting pot of various ethnic groups’ representatives, such as Javanese, Sundanese, Bugis, Minang, Chinese, Arab and many more. Jakarta has an estimated population of 10,075,310 (2014) with population density 4,383.53 / km2. It is center for Indonesia’s economics, culture and politics. Known as the twelfth largest city in the world, Jakarta metropolitan area is also known as Jabodetabek. This area is the sixth-largest in the world. Jakarta was formerly known as Sunda Kelapa (397-1527), Jayakarta (1527-1619), Batavia (1619-1942), and Djakarta (1942-1972).

Nowadays, Jakarta is the country’s administrative, commercial, industrial, and transportation center and is known to have the largest and the most comprehensive communication networks in Southeast Asia. Jakarta also possess special territory status having the privilege like a province, consisting of Greater Jakarta, covering of 637.44 square km area.

Jakarta is a city made up by millions of migrants and visitors who each bring their culture and tastes to the sprawling city. As a multicultural city, you can explore these different views, tastes and styles in every part of Jakarta. The cultural diversity of Jakarta parallels the modernity of a metropolis, with something for everyone.


South Jakarta

South Jakarta is famous for its hip and upbeat ambience. Many shopping malls, nightclubs and restaurants can be found here. Major business districts, such as Sudirman and Kuningan where offices and skyscrapers rise up into the smoggy sky line the streets. Shopping Malls are concentrated in Senayan (Plaza Senayan, Senayan City and FX Plaza) and Blok M (Blok M Plaza and Pasaraya). There are also a few malls in the lower part of South Jakarta, in Pondok Indah (Pondok Indah Mall) and Cilandak (Cilandak Town Square). The Kemang area is best known for its nightlife with numerous bars and clubs throughout the area. If you want to get a taste of true Jakarta culture, you can visit the Setu Babakan village where the Betawi heritage is kept alive.

West Jakarta

West Jakarta is dubbed the city’s Chinatown. Chinese presence and businesses give this part of the city a different ambience, especially the Mangga Dua and Glodok area. West Jakarta is also the center of Jakarta’s Old Town, which is a district left with many historical buildings from the Old Dutch architecture.

Central Jakarta

The local government runs the administration of the city from Central Jakarta. This part of the city is mostly known for the many governmental offices, including the Presidential Palace. Many museums and famous landmarks can also be found in Central Jakarta, such as the National Museum, the National Monument (Monas), the Istiqlal Mosque, and the Cathedral. Backpackers usually end up in the infamous Jalan Jaksa. Cheap accommodation, bars, internet cafes and restaurants abound and, within walking distance of the main train station Gambir, Jalan Jaksa is a strategic place to stay.

East Jakarta

East Jakarta is located beside the suburban city of Bekasi in West Java. Both East Jakarta and Bekasi is recognized as industrial areas with many factories and production facilities. East Jakarta is also a center for traditional markets selling basic food ingredients such as vegetables, meats, fruits, spices and so on. The Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park or Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is located in Cipayung. It is a cultural park where people can see the diversity of the Indonesian culture in one single park.

North Jakarta

North Jakarta is home to the harbor, where large containers ships carrying goods come and go every day. The harbor has been in existence since the colonial area, as best seen in the historical harbor site of Sunda Kelapa. The most notable area is the Ancol Bay City, where the city’s amusement park, Ancol Dreamland is located. Since North Jakarta is located adjacent to the sea, it is no wonder that the fish market is located here. The Muara Angke Fish Market sells the catch of the day. If you’d rather eat than cook from raw, no need to worry because there are countless seafood restaurant in this part of the city.

Thousand Islands

Kepulauan Seribu (The Thousand Islands) is a group of islands (not a thousand) spread in the waters of northern Jakarta.  Administratively, Kepulauan Seribu still belongs to the Jakarta province. It offers Jakarta’s busy inhabitants with a quick escape route to paradise beach life. Kepulauan Seribu is accessible by boats leaving from Ancol or Muara Angke in North Jakarta.

See & Do

A city that never sleeps, with round-the-clock entertainment and superb recreational facilities, there is definitely something for everyone here in the capital city. From international music concerts, pulsating nightlife, fascinating recreational and theme parks, wide range of shopping opportunities, culinary presentations from all over the archipelago and the world, as well as its distinctly unique traditional art and culture, Jakarta is truly a capital of diverse splendors.

Here are some of the main highlights of the capital city of Jakarta:

Fun Packed Recreational and Theme Parks

Jakarta offers the ultimate experience for perfect family leisure and togetherness in some of its fun packed amazing recreational and theme parks. For a comprehensive glimpse of Indonesia with all its…

Jakarta’s Shopping Extravaganza

The wide variety of things that you can buy in Jakarta is mind boggling from the best of local handicrafts to haute couture labels. Jakarta has literally hundreds of malls to browse through. If you are…

Exquisite Fine Dining in the Metropolitan Capital

Here in Jakarta, the best Indonesian cuisine and international fine dining restaurants are found in unique surroundings as they are located in elegant and well-appointed colonial buildings that…

The Scrumptious Street Food Scene

The culinary splendor of the capital city does not stop at fine dining restaurants and luxurious cafes, but all the way to street sides where you can definitely find some of the most delicious treats of…

Jakarta’s Authentic Culture Experience

If you wish to experience the authentic culture of the indigenous Betawi ethnic group of Jakarta, you can pay a visit to Setu Babakan in Srengseng Sawah in the subdistrict of Jagakarsa in South Jakarta…

Legacies of the Colonial Era

The splendor of the capital city also lies in the many legacies of the colonial era from the 16th century onwards which still stand majestically today, especially at the Old Batavia complex in North…

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As it is in equator are Jakarta has a friendly tropical climate (25-31 °Celcius) most of the year, with light breezes. From end of October to April, there is…

Communication and WiFi

International access code for Indonesia is +62. The area code for Jakarta is 021. Buying a local SIM card is a good option as international roaming fees…

Currency & Credit Cards

Indonesian currency is in Rupiah. Foreign currency can easily be exchanged at banks, hotels and money changers in major tourist destinations; the…

Do's & Dont's

Indonesia is generally a relaxed place to laid back. However, we do have our own customs and visitors should try to observe these practices when they…


Electricity is 220 volts, 50Hz. A variety of plugs are in use, including the European two-pin. Standard outlets are plugs with two rounded ping…

Health & Safety

Dehydration and Sunburn
The sun is strong throughout the year in the country. Proper care against sunburn must be…

Office Hours

Government offices are open from 8 am to 4 pm from Monday to Friday. Many closed between 11:30 am – 1:30 pm on Friday for Muslim prayer time…


There are available international pharmacies in all the main shopping malls. You can also find several local pharmacies across the city, called “Apotik”…

Time Zones

Indonesia divided into three time zones. Jakarta is in WIB (Western Indonesian Time, 7 hours ahead of GMT). The other are WITA (Central Indonesia…



Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) in Jakarta is an infrastructure project that aims to reduce the heavy traffic congestion in the capital. Like integrated transportation in general, if you want to take MRT you need to have a payment card issued by MRT Jakarta, this card is named ‘Jelajah’.

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LRT (Light Rail Transit) is predicted to be one of Jakarta’s favorite public transportation. At present, the Jakarta LRT corridor is serving the Kelapa Gading to Velodrome route along 5.8 kilometers with six station with operational hours from 05.30 am to 11.00 pm.

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Another way to overcome the Jakarta’s traffic is by riding the train or KRL commuter line. It is a commuter rail system connecting Jakarta and its satellite cities. The electric train service passes stations across Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi.

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The Soekarno-Hatta Airport Train will serve the Manggarai – Soekarno-Hatta Airport route that stretches  36.3 km. The train serves a total of 70 daily departures with 30-minute headway, constantly improved operating hours with changes in flight schedules.

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TransJakarta is the public bus rapid transport system that serves several routes to most parts of the capital city in strategic locations. Run through 13 corridors 24 hours a day (several corridors), passing the popular landmarks in the city, including Kota Tua, Taman Mini, Blok M, and the Central Business District.

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Since the removal of the “three in one” traffic restriction policy has been applied at several points in Jakarta, like on Jalan Sudirman, the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government and TransJakarta privide 10 Transjakarta bus units to transport passengers from the Bundaran Senayan to the Harmoni Shelter.
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The Royaltrans service is a service from Transjakarta at a premium rate, which is equipped with facilities such as wide foam seats and reclining seats, USB ports on each seat, 12 CCTV cameras that monitor every area inside and outside the bus, and luggage.

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Minitrans passes several stops, namely: Manggarai – Pasar Rumput – Halimun – Setiabudi – Kuningan Madya – Karet Kuningan – GOR Sumantri – MOH – Patra Kuningan – Kuningan Timur – Gatot Subroto Jamsostek – LIPI – GBK – Senayan Roundabout – Grand Mosque – Blok M.

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Let’s explore our wonderful capital city with the TransJakarta city tour bus #JakartaExplorer! The Jakarta Explorer bus has 7 routes that operate to serve tourists for FREE! This bus will take you to several icons and landmarks in the city of Jakarta.

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DAMRI, or the abbreviation of Djawatan Angkoetan Motor Repoeblik Indonesia, is a bus company (PO) that has become part of the history of the Indonesian nation.

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One of the most convenient and comfortable ways to get around in Jakarta is taxis. The city has reliable taxi transportation and it can be easily grabbed them off the street or at public places such as the airport, malls, hotels,  hospitals, etc

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One of easy ways to transport around Jakarta is using online transportion. Provide an option whether to take cars or we call it “Ojek”, a motorcycle taxi that you can book through your cellphones.

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Central Jakarta
(+62-21) 632-8469

North Jakarta
(+62-21) 4483-5555

South Jakarta
(+62-21) 751-5054 / 759-1105

West Jakarta
(+62-21) 568-2284

East Jakarta
(+62-21) 8590-4904 / 819-3003


118 & 119

National Search and Rescue Agency

Natural Disaster Unit

State Electricity Company

Fire Fighter

Satelit and Cellular
(+62-21) 425-0767 / 422-7875

Suicide Hotline
(+62-21) 725-6526 / 7826


Polda Metro Jaya

Society Service
(+62-21) 523-4313 / 4046

(+62-21) 523-4244

(+62-21) 7088-3322

National Police
(+62-21) 4391-1758

Drugs Abuse
(+62-21) 523-4555


Central Jakarta

VIP Money Changer
Menteng Raya No. 23 Jakarta Pusat, 10340
(+62-21) 3190 7777
(+62-21) 390 4444

Dolarindo Money Changer and Remmitance
Jl H. Samanhudi No.35 Pasar Baru (Krekot), Jakarta Pusat
(+62-21) 345 7291

Dolarindo Money Changer and Remmitance
Jl Gunung Sahari No. 2B Jakarta Pusat
(+62-21) 624 4914
(+62-21) 659 2594

Dua Sisi Money Changer
Senayan LG DB 11, Jl Asia Afrika No 8 1 3, RT.1 / RW.3, Gelora, Kec. Tanah Abang
(+62-21) 572 5321

Dua Sisi Money Changer
Senayan City LG L 12, Jl Asia Afrika RT.1/RW.3, Gelora, Jakarta Pusat, 10270
(+62-21) 7278 1155

Porto Valas
Jl Taman Sunter Indah Raya Blok KI / 1 No.27 North Jakarta 14350
(+62-21) 650 1275
(+62-21) 6583 1444

Emerald Money Changer
Jl. H. Agus Salim No.46, RT.2/RW.1, Kb. Sirih, Kec. Menteng, Kota Jakarta Pusat, 10340
(+62) 819-3252-2475

Natrabu Money Changer
Plaza Menteng Lantai G, Jl. HOS. Cokroaminoto No.79, RT.3/RW.5, Menteng, Kec. Menteng, Kota Jakarta Pusat, 10310
(+62-21) 391 7305
(+62-21) 3101 515
(+62-21) 3142 927

Smart Deal Money Changer
Smartdeal building 5th floor Jl. Cideng Timur No. 16A Petojo Timur, Gambir – Jakarta Pusat
(+62-21) 2452 1234
(+62-21) 630 5210

One Valas Money Changer
Central Park Gedung BRI 2, Jl. Jend. Sudirman No.44-46, RT.13/RW.1, Bend. Hilir, Kec Tn.Abang, Jakarta Pusat, 10210
(+62-21) 571 3740

West Jakarta

Dolarindo Money Changer and Remmitance
Jl Gajah Mada No. 156 E Gajah Mada, Jakarta Barat
(+62-21) 634 2204

Dolarindo Money Changer and Remmitance
Jl Gajah Mada No. 153 Gajah Mada, Jakarta Barat
(+62-21) 631 7171

Dua Sisi Money Changer
Jl Let Jend S. Parman Kav 68 RT.11 / RW. 3, Slipi, Palmerah, Jakarta Barat, 11410
(+62-21) 533 2929
(+62-21) 533 1919

Foreign Exchange Points
Seasons City Lantai GF1 / C26 / 02 Jembatan Besi Street No. 33 West Jakarta
(+62-21) 9550 8555
(+62) 812 9897 8555

Rezki Money Changer
Jln.KS TUBUN RAYA No. 19-20, Slipi, Palmerah, RT.1/RW.5 Kota Jakarta Barat,11410
(+62-21) 5482 218

Cahaya International Valas
CIV Money Changer Taman Ratu Indah BB 1/3, Kedoya Utara, Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta Barat, 11520
(+62-21) 569 50050
(+62-21) 569 50074
(+62) 812 888 27 234
(+62) 877 808 55 627

Peniti Valasindo
CIV Money Changer Taman Ratu Indah BB 1/3, Kedoya Utara, Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta Barat, 11520
(+62-21) 535 9057

Bali Inter Money Changer (BIMC)
Puri Indah Mall – Jl. Puri Agung, RT.1/RW.2 Kembangan Selatan, Jakarta Barat, 11610
(+62-21) 582 2437

PT Allinson Money Changer
Puri Indah Mall – Jl. Puri Agung, RT.1/RW.2 Kembangan Selatan, Jakarta Barat, 11610
(+62-21) 5439 6016

INDO Forex Center– Money Changer
Mutiara Taman Palem A5/27, RT.7/RW.14, Cengkareng Tim., Kec.Cengkareng, Jakarta Barat, 11730
(+62-21) 2951 3988

South Jakarta

Dolarindo Money Changer and Remmitance
Jl Melawai No.165, RT.3/RW.1 Melawai, Jakarta Selatan
(+62-21) 722 3019

Dua Sisi Money Changer
Pacific Place Jl Jend. Sudirman No. 52-53, RT.5 / RW.3 Senayan, Kec. Kby, Baru 12190
(+62-21) 5797 3825

Smart Deal Money Changer Kelapa Gading
Jl. R.S Fatmawati Komplek Duta Mas A1 No. 24, South Jakarta
(+62-21) 2452 1234
(+62-21) 723 7330

BMP Money Changer
Plaza Semanggi Lantai GF Kav. 50, Jl. Jend. Sudirman, RT.1/RW.4, Karet Semanggi, Kec.Setiabudi, 12930
(+62-21) 2553 6491

Valuta Artha Mas Money Changer
Plaza Semanggi Lantai GF Kav. 50, Jl. Jend. Sudirman, RT.1/RW.4, Karet Semanggi, Setiabudi, 12930
(+62-21) 5793 5407

PT Kelroul Citra Nusa Persada
Gedung Park Regis Arion Hotel Lt. 2 Jl. Kemang Raya No.7 Kebayoran Baru Jakarta Selatan, 12730
(+62-21) 2751 6676
(+62-21) 471 3080
(+62-21) 471 3081

Citra Nusa Money Changer
Jl. Kemang Raya No.7 , Park Regis Arion Lantai 2, Kebayoran Baru, RT.4/RW.1, Bangka, Kec.Mampang Prapatan, 1273
(+62-21) 719 7832

Oriental Money Changer
Pacific Place Mall Patrol Haur Geulis Kav. 52-53 5 3, RT.5/RW.3, Senayan, Kec. Kby. Baru, 12190
(+62-21) 5140 0567

Toms Money Changer
Grandlucky Superstore SCBD, Jl. Jend. Sudirman Lot 12 Kav. 52-53, RT.5/RW.3, Senayan, Kebayoran Baru, 12190
(+62-21) 515 0325

Empat Delta Money Changer
Lotte Shopping Avenue, Lt.LG, Jl. Prof. DR. Satrio No.25, RT.11/RW.4, Kuningan, Karet Kuningan, Kec.Setiabudi, 12940
(+62-21) 2988 8957

East Jakarta

Alfa Valasindo
Jl Alternatif Cibubur – Ruko Madison C1 No.5 Komplek Cibubur Times Square, Jakarta Timur
(+62-21) 8430 5321
(+62) 816 1383 879

Sentavalas Money Changer
Jl Dewi Sartika No 4 RT.6/RW.7 Cililitan Kramatjati, Jakarta Timur, 13640
(+62-21) 8087 5125

KCNP Money Changer
Arion Mall Rawamangun Lantai 1 Jl. Pemuda RT.8/RW.4 Rawamangun, Kec. Pulo Gadung, Jakarta Timur, 13220
(+62-21) 475 1783

Cahaya Pratama International
Tamini Square Lt. Dasar Blok GS. 1, Jl Taman Mini Raya Garuda, Pinang Ranti, Makasar, RT.3/RW.2, Kec. Makasar, Jakarta Timur, 13560
(+62-21) 8778 2817

KCNP Money Changer
Wisma Arion Lantai 3, Jl. Pemuda RT.2/RW.7, Rawamangun, Kec. Pulo Gadung, Jakarta Timur, 13220
(+62-21) 471 3080

PT Niki Valasarta Jaya
LGF, 188A, Pusat Grosir Cililitan (PGC), Jl. Mayjen Sutoyo RW.11, Cililitan, 76, Kramat Jati, Jakarta Timur, 13640
(+62-21) 3001 5031

Sabana Inti Valuta
Mal Cijantung Lt. 1, Jalan Pendidikan 1 No. 40 RT.1/RW.4, Pasar Rebo Cijantung, Jakarta Timur, 13770
(+62-21) 3001 5031

Money Changer
Jl Raya Jatiwaringin No 9 RT.7/RW.13, Cipinang Melayu, Kec.Makasar Jakarta Timur, 13620
(+62-21) 3001 5031

Artapura Gemawira Money Changer
Jl. Otto Iskandardinata No.141, RT.3/RW.9, Cililitan, Kec.Jatinegara, Jakarta Timur, Jakarta 13340
(+62-21) 850 6025

PT Arian Valasindo
Jl. Pemuda No.65 Chics Music lt.1, RT.2, RT.2/RW.7, Rawamangun, Kec.Pulo Gadung, Jakarta Timur, 13220
(+62-21) 2286 8559

North Jakarta

Alfa Valasindo
Danau Sunter Utara Blok B No. 20 Ruko Metro Sunter, Jakarta Utara
(+62-21) 651 1623
(+62-21) 650 2358
(+62) 816 8585 83

Dolarindo Money Changer and Remmitance
Jl Boulevard Raya, Blok LA VI/20, Kelapa Gading Permai, Jakarta Utara
(+62-21) 453 2261

PT AntarArtha Benua (AAB)
Jl. Boulevard Blok LA 6/17, Kelapa Gading Permai, Jakarta Utara 14240
(+62-21) 4529 573
(+62-21) 4533 456
(+62) 819 0825 0585

$AVE Money Changer
Blok F20 No. 24 Jl Danau Sunter Utara RT.11/RW.12, Sunter Agung, Tj. Priok, Jakarta Utara, 14350
(+62-21) 2961 5678
(+62-21) 529 573
(+62-21) 4533 456
(+62) 877 7456 8833

Porto Money Changer
Jl. Sunter Indah Raya, RT.14/RW.12, Sunter Jaya, Tj. Priok, Jakartat Utara, 14360
(+62-21) 6500 45

Prima Artha Money Changer
Mall Artha Gading Lantai GF Blok B7 No.11, Jl Boulevard, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara, 14240
(+62-21) 4586 3757
(+62) 856 789 3757

Boss Authorized Money Changer
Jalan Pluit Kencana Raya No.126C, RT.9/RW.6, Pluit, Kec. Penjaringan, Jakarta Utara, 14450
(+62-21) 6623 999

Smart Deal Money Changer
Jl. Kelapa Gading Boulevard LB-1 No. 6 Jakarta Utara
(+62-21) 2452 1234
(+62-21) 630 5210



Wisma Nusantara Lt. 21
Jln. MH Thamrin 59
Central Jakarta, 10350
: (+62-21) 390 6454
: (+62-21) 315 5846 / 314 2273
: www.jakartamrt.co.id
: mrtjkt
: @mrtjakarta
: MRT Jakarta
: MRT Jakarta


Jl. Pegangsaan Dua No.80, RW.3
Pegangsaan Dua, Kelapa Gading
North Jakarta, 14250
: www.lrtjakarta.co.id
: @lrtjkt
: @lrtjkt
: LRT Jakarta
: LRTJ Apps


Juanda Station
Jl Ir. H. Juanda
Central Jakarta, 10120
: (+62-21) 345-3535
: 121 / (+62-21) – 121
: kci@krl.co.id
: www.krl.co.id
: @commuterline
: @CommuterLine
: Commuter Line
: KRL Access


Jl. Mayjen Soetoyo No. 1
East Jakarta, 13650
: 1500 102
: naektije@transjakarta.co.id
: www.transjakarta.co.id
: @pt_transjakarta
: @PT_Transjakarta
: PT. Transportasi Jakarta
: tijeku



Association of Indonesian Tourism Travel Agencies (ASITA)

Indonesian Tourism Travel Agencies as one of the chains in the ranks of the tourism industry agreed to unite the intention and determination in advancing Indonesian tourism and container that everything can be done by arrangement. To increase the professionalism and profitability of the company, members, by means of representation in the context of partnerships with industry and government, need to organize education, training and problem identification in order to increase the satisfaction of tourist sales services. The Association of Indonesian Tourism Travel Agencies (ASITA) was established in Jakarta on January 7, 1971 for an indefinite period of time.

Komplek Ruko Meg Grasir Cempaka Mas Blok N-11 Jl Letjen Suprapto, Jakarta Pusat


Association of Indonesian Tourism Region - Asosiasi Kawasan Pariwisata Indonesia (AKPI)

The development of the tourism area is an integrated part of the regional development plan which must be based on the Tourism Development Master Plan (RIPP), because the assets to be utilized are very sensitive to environmental damage and pollution.

The development of tourism areas in general covers a wide area and various problems. Land ownership is not always in the government, but also in the local community. For the development of tourism areas is quite large, because it involves the provision of infrastructure and advice, even there are some people who think that this provision is the responsibility of the government.

Likewise, the acquisition of land, local governments must always be involved because in the process and implementation it will be faster because local governments know and understand more about the conditions and problems of the area when compared to the central government and entrepreneurs.

Bali Nirwana Resort Wisma Bakrie 2, 29th Floor Jl HR. Rasuna Said, Kavling B-2, Jakarta 12950
(+62-21) 5794 2157


Association of Indonesian Tourism Soldiers (DPP ASPPI)

  1.  Promote Indonesian tourism by increasing the professionalism of its tourism workers.
  1.  Become a unifying forum for all workers engaged in the Tourism Industry, among others; Travel Agencies, Flights, Hotels and others directly related to the Indonesian industry.
  2. Can be a protector for all members
  3. Increase professionalism in daily tasks.
  4. Prepare all of its members to welcome the era of world free trade or tourism liberalization.

Pertaminan SPBU, Jl. Abdul Muis No.68, RT.4 / RW.3, Petojo, Gambir, Central Jakarta,10160
(+62-21) 345-3113
Monday – Friday (09.00 am – 05.00 pm) | Saturday – Sunday (Closed)


Ikatan Cendekiawan Pariwisata Indonesia

The Indonesian Tourism Intellectual Association, abbreviated as ICPI, is an independent professional organization in the field of tourism which was coined on September 3, 2010 in Yogyakarta and is not affiliated with other political or community organizations.
Jalan Gandaria III No. 3 Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta
(+62-21) 723 4061-3
(+62-21) 720 8621


Indonesian Guides Association (DPP HPI)

The Indonesian Guides Association is a non-political and independent private organization which is a single entity of individuals who have a profession as guides. The Indonesian Guides Association (HPI) was ratified on October 4, 1988 in Palembang (South Sumatra) during the National Guides Conference I throughout Indonesia.

Jl Pemuda, Ruko Grahamas Pemuda Blok C No 9, East Jakarta
(+62-21) 4788 2545


Indonesian Hotels & Restaurants Association

The Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI) is an organization oriented towards the development and improvement of tourism, in order to participate in implementing national development and is a unifying forum in the fight for and create a business climate that concerns the dignity of entrepreneurs engaged in the field of providing accommodation services for tourism / hotel and food and beverage / restaurant services and tourism education institutions.

Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel Shopping Arcade No. 04-05 Jl Jend. Sudirman No. 86 Jakarta 10220
(+62-21) 2157 14262
(+62-21) 2157 14266
Monday – Friday (09.00 – 17.00) | Saturday – Sunday (Closed)


Indonesian Impresariat Company Association (ASPINDO)

The Indonesian Impresariat Company Association, abbreviated as ASPINDO, is a non-political and independent organization of professional organizations that brings together Indonesian impresariat service companies to carry out activities and undertake business in the field of impresariat. Impresariat service business is an activity of organizing entertainment, whether in the form of bringing in, sending, or returning artists / artists, Indonesian and foreign sportsmen and determining the place, time and type of entertainment impresariat business activities covering the fields of arts and sports which are exhibitions. ASPINDO was formed on April 16, 1993 and is domiciled in Jakarta and was established for an indefinite period of time.

Jl Cikini Raya No 19 RT.1 / RW.1, Cikini Kec. Menteng, Central Jakarta, 10320
(+62-21) 314 7106


Indonesian Recreational Park Business Association

Tourism objects in the form of places or natural conditions, living arrangements, cultural arts and historical heritage of the nation, and the realization of interesting human creation for tourists to visit, are central points of efforts to develop national tourism. For this reason, it is necessary to develop in a planned, targeted and integrated manner accompanied by continuous innovative efforts on the basis of assessing patterns and types of requests.

On that basis, it was realized that there was a need for a forum for the common interests and professional service in the effort to manage tourism objects by forming an association. With fully aware of these things, the founders of the organization with full sincerity felt they needed a container of activities in the form of meetings. PUTRI was established on November 10, 1977 for an unspecified period of time.

Jl Raya TMII Ceger Cipayung East Jakarta RW.3, Kec. Cipayung, East Jakarta, 13550
(+62-21) 840 1720


Indonesian Tourism Community (MPI)

The development and development of tourism is the duty of every component of civil society to achieve results and obtain benefits. The Indonesian Tourism Community positions itself as a forum to dynamically support the aspirations of all parties within the framework of sustainable environmental development.

The platform and the community occupy an important position in the development of national tourism by donating its dharma devotion in the tourism sector which is very valuable to the nation and state. MPI is the result of reforms in the field of tourism development initiated by the tourism dialogue forum (FDP) and declared on July 21, 1998 and established for an indefinite period of time and based in the capital of the Republic of Indonesia.

Jl Jend. Sudirman Wisma Nugra Santana Lantai No 9, RT.1 / RW.3 Gelora, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta, 10270
(+62-21) 570 6951


Tourism Writers Association (HPP)

This organization was founded on March 12, 1977 and is headquartered in Jakarta. The purpose and objective of the HPP is to bring together tourism writers and improve Indonesian tourism. His efforts are through increasing the ability of writers, reciprocal communication, holding lectures, discussions and writing appreciation, writing promotions, discussing or analyzing tourism and in mass media.


Hotel Human Resources Managers Association (HHRMA)

A place for gathering HRD managers from five-star hotels and apartments throughout Indonesia. The aim is to unite the vision and mission of the various HRD Department leaders so that they can exchange information about reliable human resources. The progress and development of a business management is highly dependent on professional and resilient human resources.


Central Jakarta

PT. Pnaventure Tour
Jl. Bungur Raya No.39, Gn. Sahari Sel., Kec. Kemayoran, DKI Jakarta 10610
(+62-21) 424 7070

H.I.S Travel
Mid Plaza Lt B1 Jl Jendral Sudirman No. Kav 10 – 11 Karet Tengsin Tanah Abang, RT.10/RW.11, DKI Jakarta 10250
(+62-21) 574 1701

PT. Golden Rama
Jl Tanah Abang II No. 73, 10160
(+62-21) 2980 6000
(+62) 813 1625 4474

PT. Jatra Tour
Jl Hayam Wuruk No.33 RT.14/RW.1 Kb. Klp, Kec. Gambir, DKI Jakarta 10120
(+62-21) 350 1239

PT. Aida Tour
Jl Cempaka Putih Tengah No.33 Jakarta Pusat
(+62) 812 9886 3297
(+62) 812 8037 4560

PT. Panen Tour
Jl Suryopranoto No.49 RT.7/RW.7 Petojo Selatan, Kec. Gambir, DKI Jakarta 10160
(+62-21) 2921 9999
(+62) 889 154 8433

PT. Kubah Wisata
Komplek Duta Merlin Blok B-31.32 Jl Mada No.3-5, Jakarta 10130
(+62) 821 111 70311

PT Sindo Wisata Travel
Jl. Proklamasi No No.61dd, RT.7/RW.3, Pegangsaan, Kec. Menteng, DKI Jakarta 10320
(+62-21) 391 7475

PT Bonita Tour & Umrah
Jl. Kb. Kacang 8 No.2, RT.2/RW.5, Kb. Kacang, Kecamatan Tanah Abang, Kota Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10240
(+62-21) 3190 0976

PT Smailing Tour
Jl. Salemba Raya No. 34-36 RT.5/RW.6 Kenari Senen, DKI Jakarta, 10430
(+62-21) 316 1645

PT Haryono Tour & Travel
Jl. Kebon Sirih Raya No.9K, RT.1/RW.7, Kb. Sirih, Kec. Menteng, DKI Jakarta 10340
(+62-21) 392 1111

PT Avia Tour
Jl. Bungur Raya No.45, RT.14/RW.1, Gn. Sahari Sel., Kec. Kemayoran, Kota Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10610
(+62-21) 422 3888
(+62-21) 452 9528

West Jakarta

PT Anugrah Wisata
Jl Pilar Mas Utama RT.7/RW.3, Kedoya Selatan, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, DKI Jakarta 11520
(+62-21) 2258 7839
(+62-21) 2258 7969

PT. Tripuri Travel
Jl Pejuangan No.12, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta 11530
(+62) 821 532 4477

PT. Pelangi Tour
Taman Sari Jl. Hayam Wuruk No.111-ZZ, RT.4/RW.9, Maphar, Kec. Taman Sari, West Jakarta, DKI Jakarta 11160
(+62-21) 625 2747
(+62) 816 182 7015

PT. Cahaya Anugrah wisata
Jl Raya Joglo No. 36 RT.005/RW.008, Kel. Joglo, Kec. Kembangan West Jakarta, DKI Jakarta
(+62-21) 585 7161
(+62) 877 7781 2994

PT. Dwidaya Tour
Jl Hayam Wuruk No. 121 Mangga Besar – West Jakarta 11180
(+62-21) 6231 9888
(+62) 811 939 636

PT. Mijti Continent Travel
JL Raya Pejuangan, Graha Kencana Blok CQ, Jakarta Barat, RT.14/RW.10, Kb. Jeruk, Kec. Kb. Jeruk, West Jakarta, DKI Jakarta 11530
(+62-21) 532 6020
(+62) 812 8086 6300

PT Antarworld Tour and Travel
Season City Mall, LG Blok C1 No.1A Jl. Prof. Dr. Latumenten No.33, 11320, , RT.13/RW.1, Jemb. Besi, Kec. Tambora, West Jakarta,DKI Jakarta 11320
(+62-21) 7486 3905

PT Yo Explore
Jl Panjang No.7 Kedoya Elok Plaza Blok DB-25, Kedoya Selatan, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta 11520
(+62-21) 580 6088

PT Global Travel Agent System Solution
Jalan Taman Ratu Indah Blok BB1 No.1F, Kedoya Utara, Kebon Jeruk, RT.3/RW.11, Kedoya Utara, Kec. Kb. Jeruk, West Jakarta, DKI Jakarta 11510
(+62-21) 5695 7960

PT Bayu Buana Travel Service
Basement Level P2/20 Jl Let. Jend. S. Parman Kav.21, West Jakarta, 11470
(+62-21) 563 9171

PT Artha Tour
Ruko Golden Passage Citra 2 Extention Blok BE 1B, No.31, RT.2/RW.8, Pegadungan, Kec. Kalideres, West Jakarta, DKI Jakarta 11830
(+62-21) 2942 5637

PT Aneka Tours
Jl Jelambar Baru Raya No.29B, West Jakarta 11460
(+62-21) 564 3758

South Jakarta

PT. Sandhora Tour and Travel
Jl. Gaharu I No.92, RT.6/RW.4, Cipete Sel., Kec. Cilandak, South Jakarta, DKI Jakarta 12410
(+62) 812 8191 3913

PT. Tamasya Indah
Plaza Basmar Lt.33 Mampang Prapatan Raya No.2016 RT.01/01, Kel. Duren Tiga, Kec. Mampang Prapatan, South Jakarta
(+62-21) 7918 1251
(+62) 857 1411 2464

PT. Indah Wisata
Jl Tebet Raya 25C, Tebet, Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta 12820
(+62) 821 8378 7733
(+62) 821 8378 7755

PT. Global Tiket Network
Jl Kawi Raya No.45, RT.6/RW.2, Guntur, Kecamatan Setiabudi, South Jakarta, DKI Jakarta 12980
(+62) 855 150 0878
(+62) 804 150 0878

PT. Inatra Travel
Jl KH. Abdullah Syafe’i No.3D (d/h Jl Lapangan Roos), Bukit Duri – Tebet, South Jakarta
(+62-21) 8379 5607
(+62-21) 8379 5606

PT. KIA Tours
Jl Panglima Polim Raya No.105A, Melawai, Kebayoran Baru, RT.1/RW.5, Kramat Pela, Kec. Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, DKI Jakarta 12130
(+62-21) 723 3666

PT. Mitra Tour & Travel
Patra Jasa Office Tower Ground Floor and 1st Floor Jl Gatot Subroto Kav 32-34, Jakarta 12950
(+62) 821 386 1001

PT. Mulia Pacific
Jl Radio Dalam Raya No.16B, Kel. Gandaria Utara, Kec. Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta
(+62-21) 722 9001
(+62) 818 151 328

PT. Himpuh
Jl Asem Baris Raya No.125, Kebon Baru, Tebet South Jakarta 12830
(+62-21) 8378 0435
(+62) 822 3013 9999
(+62) 812 8325 1647

PT. Altorina
Wijaya Graha Puri Blok C-21 Jl Darmawangsa III, South Jakarta
(+62-21) 720 4005
(+62) 818 748 912

PT. Hijup Travel
Jl Pejaten Barat Raya No 2, Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta 12510 `
(+62) 81 1128 8441

PT. Balda Citra
Jl Wijaya 1 No.8, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta 12170
(+62-21) 7279 1208

PT. Shaka Mulia Wisata
Jl Bintaro Raya No.3, Kebayoran Lama, South Jakarta 12240
(+62-21) 8459 9960
(+62) 851 0006 1041

PT Andiarta Dewata Wisata Tour & Travel
BLK. C2, No. 11, Pusat Niaga Duta Mas Fatmawati, JL. RS. Fatmawati No. 39, Cipete Utara, 12150 South Jakarta
(+62-21) 739 2214

PT Indah Wisata
JL Tebet Raya 25C ,Tebet, South Jakarta, DKI Jakarta
(+62-21) 8378 7733
(+62-21) 8378 7755
(+62-21) 837 709 233

East Jakarta

PT Alhamdi Global Wisata
Gedung Pulomas Office Park Gd. I Lt.3 No. 10 A Jl Jend Ahmad Yani No.02 Pulomas, East Jakarta
(+62-21) 471 4785

PT. Miqat Jaya Wisata
Ruko Cibubur Indah Blok F No. Jl Lap. Tembak RT.02/RW.11, Cibubur, Kec. Ciracas, East Jakarta, DKI Jakarta 13720
(+62-21) 2984 1385
(+62) 895 2801 2378

PT. Bumi Wisata Indonesia
Jl Condet Raya RT.03/RW.016 No.48 / Jl Olah Raga 1 Kel. Cililitan, East Jakarta 13640
(+62-21) 8087 1007
(+62) 815 812 2441
(+62) 856 146 5377

PT. Graha Bintang Wisata
Jati Waringin Raya Blok H/9 A RT.009/07 Cipinang Melayu Kec. Makassar, Kota ADM. East Jakarta, DKI Jakarta
(+62-21) 8661 5243
(+62) 812 8787 8511

PT. Qiblat Wisata
Jl. Dewi Sartika No.355, Cawang, Kramat Jati, East Jakarta, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia, 13630
(+62-21) 2280 2627
(+62) 817 690 0400

PT. Aliyaq Destinasi
Jl Dewi Sartika No.12B RT.4/RW.7, Cililitan, Kec. Kramat Jati, East Jakarta, DKI Jakarta 13640
(+62) 878 8719 3931

PT. Saida Travel
Jl Squadron No.10 A Kel. Halim Perdana Kusumah, Kec. Makasar East Jakarta, DKI Jakarta 13610
(+62) 878 7608 7675
(+62) 81617267527

PT. Babul Rohman
Jl Monumen Pancasila Sakti / Jl Pala No.18 RT.007/002 Kel. Lubang Buaya, Kec. Cipayung East Jakarta
(+62) 812 984 0621

PT. Abdi Ummat Wisata International
Jl. Lap. Tembak No.39, RT.2/RW.1, Cibubur, Kec. Ciracas, East Jakarta, DKI Jakarta 13720
(+62-21) 8772 1117

PT. Alsha Mutiara Persada
Jl. Condet Raya No. 63 Ruko Mahkota Regency East Jakarta
(+62-21) 8778 7274

North Jakarta

PT Dwidaya Tour
Jl. Raya Boulevard FW 1/20 – Jakarta
(+62-21) 2452 0340
(+62) 811 8203 405

H.I.S Travel
Mall Kelapa Gading Jl Bulevar Kelapa Gading 1st Floor, F-273 MKG 1 Jakarta 14240
(+62-21) 452 9734

PT Endangered Indonesia
Jl. Sungai Bambu No.11, RT.1/RW.4, Sungai Bambu, Tj. Priok, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14330
(+62-21) 4390 4065
(+62) 852 8301 0600

PT TX Travel
Blok B No. 30, Jl. Danau Sunter Utara, RT.9/RW.4, Papanggo, Tj. Priok, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14350
(+62-21) 652 2199

PT Skyglow Tour and Travel
Mall of Indonesia LG Jl Raya Boulevard Barat, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta 14240
(+62-21) 4586 8218

PT Travel Priok
Jl Sungai Bambu Raya No.11 Tanjung Priok, Jakarta 14330
(+62-21) 4390 4065
(+62) 852 8301 0600

PT Gamelan Wisata Indonesia
Ruko Mangga Dua Square, Blok B No. 28, Jl. Gunung Sahari Raya 1, 14, RT.11/RW.6, Ancol, Pademangan, Jakarta 14420
(+62-21) 2962 0876

PT K.I.A Tours & Travel
Jl. Kelapa Gading Boulevard Blok LB1 No. 22, Kelapa Gading Barat, Kelapa Gading, RT.12/RW.18, Klp. Gading Tim., Kec. Klp. Gading, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14240
(+62-21) 4585 1838

PT Golden Rama Tours & Travel
Jl. Boulevard Barat Raya Blok LA-1 No. 26-27, RT.1/RW.18, Kelapa Gading Timur, Kelapa Gading, RT.1/RW.18, Klp. Gading Tim., Kec. Klp. Gading, Kota Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14240
(+62-21) 451 3300
(+62-21) 2980 6000

PT Bayu Buana
Jl Kelapa Gading Boulevard Blok QA III/16, 14240
(+62-21) 452 8720
(+62) 895 2801 2378

PT Angkasa Tour & Travel
Mangga Dua Square, Lt. UG. Blok. B.P021-022 JL.Gunung Sahari Raya No.1 Jakarta14420
(+62-21) 2957 8789
(+62) 812 2255 1111

PT Sukses Tour
Jl. Danau Sunter Utara Blok J 12 No. 56, Jakarta 14350
(+62-21) 650 2288
(+62) 812 8423 7783