JIEXPO Convention Centre and Theatre

JIEXPO Convention Center & Theatre is Indonesia’s world-class performance venue, and one of the grandest theatres in the Asia-Pacific region. The luxurious design and professional team combine to offer the premier entertainment facility in Jakarta.

JIEXPO Convention Center & Theatre is the perfect destination for any event, from Broadway blockbusters to corporate functions and global symposia.  Our unique combination of style, class and sophistication, with unparalleled service and expertise make any event memorable.

JIEXPO Theatre is a turn-key venue.  It features one of the largest Meyer Constellation audio enhancement systems in the world, with studio-quality acoustics and a Meyer speaker array tuned to eliminate echo and provide a clear, crisp audio experience second to none. The entire experience is controlled with a Solid State Logic 550 control desk, for the finest professional quality.

The Theatre’s acoustics were designed by world-famous WSDG of Basel, Switzerland. The rating is on par with recording studios, and is ideal for film and video productions, as well as live performances.

The Spectacular Three-Tier

2.500-seat auditorium surrounds the guest in comfort, from the spacious seating to the plush carpeting.  The stalls level is fully wheelchair accessible, and removable seats on the orchestra pit and central seating area offer many optional configurations to match your needs.

The proscenium arch is a massive 30m x 16m fully opened, and the hard proscenium can be adjusted down to 21m, with soft proscenium adjustable to 14m x 8m, for maximum accommodation of any sized event.  The automated orchestra pit is one of the largest in the world, able to accommodate up to 70 pieces.  It has three pre-sets for orchestra, additional seating area, or stage extension to a modified thrust configuration.

The SBS Buehnentechnik (Germany) computerized fly system features 80 line sets with seven electrics, variable speed, and precision control. The fly system is complimented by an expansive rigging gallery and a wide range of purchases throughout the interior of the Theatre.  This accommodates a wide range of effects and decorative options.

The Theatre’s Lighting System is Highly Flexible

With over 600 Strand dimmer circuits, DMX and Ethernet control systems, and the Grand Ma 2 Light control desk.  There are seven electric over the stage, three lighting bridges, two booms, and the balcony nose position.  In addition, the follow spot booth accommodates up to four instruments, and there are 10 moveable kicker towers on stage.

All control positions have UPS back-up and the Theatre has a 1MW genset the starts automatically in the event of power outages.

To ensure the smooth and professional function of the Theatre’s state-of-the-art systems, our crews are trained and certified to international standard, and are experts on the venue’s systems and operations.  They ensure that every event is of the highest quality and meets our stringent safety standards.

The final touch that guarantees the comfort of both the guests and the performers are the backstage areas. We offer high-quality dressing rooms for up to 104 persons, with en suite toilets and showers, lighted make-up tables, full length mirrors, and a spacious Green Room. The dressing rooms include four Star Suites at stage level, and ten rooms below the stage configured for 4 to 25 performers, with two convenient lifts directly to stage right. All dressing rooms have video and audio cuing that can be addressed individually or together from the Stage Manager’s desk.

The backstage area also includes production office, a full complement of shops and on-site laundry. High-speed internet is available throughout the facility and assorted office equipment is available on request. The banquet kitchen can provide meals and snacks on request for the full cast and crew.



JIEXPO has an area up to 44 hectares where the area used for the exhibition is 100,000 m2, consist of 50,000 m2 of indoor area and more than 50,000 m2 of open space or outdoor area. This makes JIEXPO very suitable to host various events, not only the small scale events such as meetings but also large scale events such as International conferences and concerts.

Complete Venue Package

As one of the largest MICE Venues in Indonesia completed with a variety of packages, JIEXPO is very suitable for holding a range of events, meetings (small & large scale), incentives, conventions and exhibitions.

Easily Accessible

Located in the heart of Jakarta, more precisely in Kemayoran, Central of Jakarta, which makes JIEXPO’s area very strategic and easily accessible. Not only located in the center of Jakarta, JIEXPO has direct access to Soekarno Hatta international airport and Tanjung Priok port. From Soekarno Hatta Airport, will only take approximately 30-40 minutes, while from TanjungPriok port just about 20-30 minutes to reach JIEXPO. Besides, the ease of getting access to mass transportation is also one of the valuable point. This can be seen from the collaboration between JIEXPO and the DKI Jakarta Regional Government which has provided the TransJakarta corridor route to the JIEXPO area.

International Event

The existence of JIEXPO as one of the best venues in Indonesia has also been recognized by the international community after recently JIEXPO was trusted by the Indonesian government to become one of the venues for holding the grand events of the 2018 Asian Games and 2018 Asian Paragames. Besides, JIEXPO is also known as one of the venues that often host other international scale events such as Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival, Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS), Indo Defence, Indo Aerospace, Indo Marine Expo Forum, Djakarta Warehouse Project, Food Ingredients Asia, SIAL Interfood, Food and Hotel Indonesia, Manufacturing Indonesia Series Exhibition, Indonesia Infrastructure Week, Indonesia Furniture Expo (IFEX) and various other events.